Confocal microscope Offers Amazing Image Quality

Nikon Instruments' next generation Confocal Laser Point Scanning Microscope is the ideal solution for confocal to widefield applications, ensuring amazing image quality on one universal imaging platform. The next generation confocal microscope is perfect for entry- and mid-level confocal imaging.

The new modular C2 optical microscope builds on Nikon's optical technology to give increased accuracy and speed. It incorporates the latest version of NIS-Elements C software, which provides one, easy-to-use confocal microscopy imaging software platform to give complete control within a wide range of options. It supports routine and advanced lab research activities thanks to the large number of analysis functions, making it ideal for even the most varied set-ups.

With excellent hardware and software stability, as well as first-class optics, the C2 confocal laser microscope has three dedicated PMTs for multi-channel imaging. Furthermore, the flexible, modular design offers an easy upgrade to the dedicated 32-channel PMT array for spectral detection.

This new system can capture and unmix data, no matter what channel resolution it was detected at from across the entire bandwidth, and the increased optically ideal pinholes, from four to six, as well as electronics improvements, improve scanning accuracy and speed. With the C2, confocal microscopy rates of 24fps (512x32) and 4fps (512x512 bidirectional) have been achieved.

Confocal microscopy imaging software

NIS-Elements version 3.2 supports the whole range of Nikon confocal microscopy products, giving users the ability to customise the protocols for their device controls and presets, as well as enhancing multi-camera support, facilitating workflow and providing full control of experimental parameters.

The NIS-Elements packages also offers a consistent, universal interface and software environment for optical microscopy and means researchers can easily switch between confocal and wide field within the same platform.

New options are also available for 2D and 3D disconsolation and there are also new tracking tools linked with regions of interest. Furthermore, the imaging software offers many new options for data export.

Optimal imaging

By using Nikon's High Numerical Aperture CF1 series objectives with the C2 for confocal microscopy, the highest transmission at a broad range of wavelengths is achieved. This results in high contrast image acquisition with excellent resolution and brightness. Together, this equipment is the ideal combination for confocal imaging, giving unrivalled performance.

The C2 confocal microscope can also be teamed with the upright, inverted, physiological and macro imaging microscopes, opening up the options for combinations with many high-end research systems. And because only one software platform is required, time spent training new users is vastly reduced.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:32:17