Compound Management And Retrieval From TTP labtech

Your biological sample or chemical compound library represents a considerable investment, both financially and in time and energy as well. It is only sensible then to invest in the best compound management and storage that you can. ComPOUND® from TTP labtech is a high density, modular, storage system that can fulfil all of your sample storage and recovery needs, and more.

TTP labtech's background in automative technology and development ensures that everything about the design, engineering and manufacture of comPOUND combines to produce an elegant and effective solution to sample retrieval. TTP labtech's modular approach to sample management means that you have the flexibility to choose the storage capacity that you require.

To maintain sample integrity of your valuable samples, microtubes are stored individually under nitrogen in the hermetically sealed chamber at temperatures ranging from ambient down to -20°C depending on the users requirements. Each module  measures only 1.2 m x 1.65 m x 2.4 m although it can hold an impressive 10,000 1.4 mL microtubules or 200,000 0.5 mL microtubes or a mixture of the two. Individual ‘cherry picking' of storage microtubes negates the need for unnecessary thawing and freezing of unrequired samples, preventing sample deterioration.

The reliability and efficiency afforded by TTP labtech's use of pneumatic technology means that your sample can be located and delivered in under 5 seconds - a remarkable speed saving you valuable research time; storage management par excellence. ComPOUND can also be expanded with a number of additional modules including comPANION, which allows microtubes to be delivered to locations up to 50 m away and comMOTION, a rack handling system which manages racks between comPANION and rack hotels.

Probably the most powerful enhancement to your compound management though is provided by comPILER®, a sophisticated system for directly creating assay plates from stored samples. This remarkable example of automation at its best carries out the multiple stages required in tube-to-plate processing: defrosting, centrifugation, decapping and gassing (inert argon gas maintains the sample microenvironment) recapping and re-storage, all without operator intervention.

The knowledge that TTP labtech have gained from their close collaboration with research and commercial communities, and their own experience and expertise in the application of technology, has produced a piece of equipment that can process over 60,000 microtubes a day. Compound management, storage, sample handling and store-to-plate processing in one remarkable integrated system. 

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:47:08