Colony Counters from YSI

YSI is the exclusive distributor of the Reichert Darkfield Quebec colony counters. This instrument is a convenient and low cost solution which provides efficient, accurate colony counting for veterinary, clinical, industrial and academic laboratories.

Reichert is known for its expertise in high quality optics, a depth of knowledge which benefits the user in this instrument. The high performance and value this instrument provides make it the perfect colony counting tool for laboratory technicians and educators in need of a manual counting platform.

A highly polished annular glass reflector spreads glare free illumination from a 40 watt bulb uniformly over the entire culture plate. Reichert’s attention to quality ensures clear results in very little time.

Darkfield Quebec colony counters use Reichert’s renowned top quality optics provide a contrast with the darkfield background which allow colonies to be seen and distinguished from the surrounding structures on the culture plate with ease.

The Darkfield Quebec colony counters are available in two different models, both economical instruments for clinical testing laboratories and research facilities for the analysis of bacterial and other colonies. The instrument has a variety of applications in microbiology, molecular biology, virology and genetics as well as an educational tool in secondary school and university biology laboratories.

The Darkfield Quebec 13332600 is made for manual colony counting and recording and uses a dish holder which can accommodate round dishes of up to 100mm in diameter or square dishes as large as 100x100mm.

The features of YSI’s Reichert Darkfield Quebec 13332600 colony counters include:

  • 1.5x magnification lens
  • 3x magnification lens (optional)
  • Lenses can be raised, lowered and rotated for optimal focus and access to the culture plate       
  • Built in tilt legs allow the culture plate’s viewing angle to be adjusted
  • Included white-ruled Wolfheugal-version counting plate

The 13332800 model includes all of the features of the 13332600, with the following additions:

  • Automatic recording
  • Automatic counting with included counting probe
  • A hand-held push button counter can also be used in instances where the dish must remain closed to maintain sterility or protect the user from biohazards while using these colony counters

Date added: 2015-10-22 17:14:09