Coating Thickness Measurement With X-Ray Spectrophotometry With Fischer

Fischer is a company which has more than fifty years of experience in the design and production of precision X-ray material analysis and coating thickness measurement instruments. Fischer has an ongoing commitment to developing new solutions and bringing then to customers to simplify and streamline applications in industries including electronics, aerospace and aviation and plating shops.

With its new X-ray technologies, Fischer has developed solutions to long standing problems affecting a range of industries. Until Fischer hit upon the answer, sample analysis involving unknown bulk material alloys and/or unidentified coatings was a complex and challenging task which required the operator to have specialized skill and knowledge. Essentially, accurate results from sample analysis involved knowing what results to expect.

Fischer’s advanced coating thickness measurement instruments permit operators to quickly and easily perform these measurements and material analysis functions without having these skills or in-depth knowledge. This de-skilled approach saves enormous amounts of time and resources while removing the element of human error from the process. In environments where measurement systems have been configured for one-touch operation, even the chance of the operator selecting the wrong button has been eliminated.

This breakthrough has come in the form of Fischer’s X-RAY XAN-DPP, XDV-SD and X-RAY XDAL range of X-ray spectrophotometers. These instruments are ideal for any applications where automated sample analysis and coating thickness measurement are mission-critical. Fischer has an X-ray measurement system for virtually any requirement:

The X-Ray XAN-DPP is designed for accurate measurements of small objects and the XDV-SD and the XRAY XDAL are perfectly suited for precision scanning of large objects for consistent coating thickness throughout the surface.

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Date added: 2012-05-03 14:42:52