Pre-Cleaned Chromatography Vials From Thermo Fisher Scientific

The scientific equipment supplier Thermo Fisher  is already known as one of the leading companies in their field and with their new National Scientific Mass Spec Certified Vials pre-cleaned, low particulate chromatography vials, they've once again introduced a product which is quickly becoming ubiquitous in laboratories worldwide.  Perfectly suited for mass spectrometry, chromatography and other highly sensitive applications, these vials are carefully cleaned and thoroughly tested in a clean room which conforms with GMP standards in order to ensure that the vials are free of contamination.

Thermo Fisher pre-cleaned vials are not only low particulate but low background, with every lot of vials tested for LC/MS and GC/MS background to ensure the very best in performance when used in chromatography applications. The vials themselves thoroughly tested to ensure consistently superior quality; and so is their packaging. Each and every package of Thermo Fisher pre-cleaned chromatography vials is pre-cleaned as well for an additional measure of protection against contamination.

National Scientific vials are made from chemically stable, inert pure glass under stringent quality control standards, with every vial being verified for thirteen different important characteristics. This unparalleled level of quality control is in place to ensure that these vials provide Thermo Fisher customers with the highest levels of reproducibility. Vials are immediately packed into inert, pre-cleaned vial trays once they've been tested. Even the closures used for the trays which Thermo Fisher ships National Scientific pre-cleaned Mass Spec Certified chromatography vials in are kept in airtight containers to limit the chances of any particulate matter making their way into the finished product or its packaging.

The sensitivity of modern, highly porous gas chromatography and high performance liquid chromatography columns using direct injection means that the standards for purity and cleanliness are higher than ever. Thermo Fisher has risen to the challenge by offering the scientific market new National Scientific Mass Spec Certified vials for chromatography and other applications where nothing but the highest quality and purest materials will do.

Date added: 2010-01-25 19:09:44