New Chromatography Columns & Consumables Catalog From Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the undisputed leader when it comes to supplying the scientific market with instruments, consumables and other products. The company's new 2010 - 2012 Chromatography Columns and Consumables catalog contains 540 pages of the latest in chromatography equipment, featuring the new and innovative as well as tried and true offerings for the chromatography laboratory.

Including a comprehensive range of equipment and consumables, every conceivable need is covered; from separation to sample preparation, high sensitivity columns to analytical tools, it's all covered here. This catalog is a must-read for any laboratory which performs any sort of chromatography analysis.

Thermo Scientific has long been the most trusted name in the field of chromatography equipment and the company's expertise in the scientific market has made them the first choice of chromatography laboratories the world over. The company's carefully chosen portfolio includes the highest quality manufacturers of chromatography columns and related products, including National Scientific, Hypersil and Chromacol. The latest edition of their catalog includes more choices than ever for customers with an eye for quality, dependability and accuracy with new offerings such as closures and vials from Chromacol and National Scientific, Hypersil TraceGOLD and TracePLOT gas chromatography columns and GOLD HPLC columns. Also featured are HyperSep Retain SPE Solutions, as well as a wide variety of top quality reagents, standards and more.

Thermo Fisher Scientific's 2010 - 2012 Chromatography Columns and Consumables catalog includes extensive explanations of the applications for the columns and other equipment featured in the catalog in order to make it easier for buyers to determine which Thermo Fisher product best meets their needs.

The catalog is curated and annotated by the team of experts at Thermo Fisher with the assistance of the company's customers, with guides to method development and troubleshooting being included in the catalog to make it not just a traditional catalog of products, but a useful reference work in its own right. Always eagerly awaited by researchers and laboratory technicians, the new Thermo Fisher Scientific  Chromatography Columns and Consumables Catalog is the most comprehensive yet and will likely find a place on the shelf at every chromatography lab concerned with the latest developments in the field.

Date added: 2010-01-25 19:10:46