Chemistry Analyzer Saves Valuable Time - Horiba ABX Pentra 400

HORIBA’s ABX Pentra 400 is more than a powerful chemistry analyzer; it’s a full featured clinical chemistry system which features 55 on board assays and a stunning processing capacity of up to 420 samples per hour. Using a cassette-style continuous sample loading system, the Pentra 400 provides incredible throughput rates from a compact benchtop instrument designed for high volume clinical laboratories where the speed of blood sample analysis can make all the difference.

A touch screen display and control panel allows the operator to view workflow in real time and to quickly and easily retrieve and validate results as well as adjust parameters as needed. The ABX Pentra 400 chemistry analyzer offers an onboard barcode reader and tube presence detection technology along with a 60-sample capacity for quick, reliable results and turnaround so fast that it never really stops.

Time is of the essence in the clinical chemistry analysis laboratory and HORIBA is a company which knows just how precious every second is; their experience in the clinical chemistry field shows in the performance of the Pentra 400. This instrument is capable of analyzing samples of whole blood, serum, plasma, urine, cerebrospinal fluid and other homogenous fluids in quantities ranging from 2 to 380 micro liters quickly and efficiently in even the most demanding of environments. Packed with industry leading features, the HORIBA ABX Pentra 400 chemistry analyzer and clinical chemistry system delivers the kind of performance which others only aspire to.

Features of the HORIBA ABX Pentra 400 include:

  • Spectrophotometry (colorimetry and turbidimetry) and direct/indirect potentiometry analysis
  • LCD touch screen display and controls
  • 55 onboard assays
  • Continuous loading cassette system for high throughput and rapid results
  • Processing of up to 420 samples per hour
  • Automatic rerun of tests as needed
  • Automatic main direct/main indirect sample dilution (1/2 – 1/22,500)
  • Built in barcode reader
  • Onboard 52-position reagent storage: 8 room temperature, 44 refrigerated
  • Automated system and reagent stability checks; comprehensive diagnostic and calibration features easily accessible from the Pentra 400 chemistry analyzer control panel
  • USB port for easy export and reporting of test data

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:01:00