Chemisorption Analyzer with Six Analysis Stations

Although the ChemiSorb HTP from micrometrics is described as a chemisorption analyzer that enables you to accurately and efficiently measure major catalyst properties such as the active metal surface area, size of active particles, percent metal dispersion and surface acidity - it's not! In reality it is actually closer to six chemisorption analyzers, so independent is each of the six separate analysis stations.

Yes, each of the six stations can really operate concurrently and independently of each other. Vacuum conditions are measured independently with constantly monitored pressure transducers. Samples are degassed independently and may be added or removed without disturbing samples being degassed or analysed in the other stations. Each station also has its own furnace meaning there is independent sample temperature control, ramping from 10 oC above ambient, right up to 700 oC.

The operator can define different equilibration times via an equilibration option and to ensure top quality isotherms the temperature is recorded with each equilibration pressure. There is also a separate mass flow controller in each station meaning that you will always get reproducible and controlled flow through each of the chemisorption analyzer stations. And with the facility to attach up to twelve different gases to the ChemiSorb HTP you have remarkable flexibility. 

So, what is the end result of having six stations on your chemisorption analyzer? - High-throughput of course. And because the ChemiSorb HTP is a fully automated chemisorption analyzer, this is high-throughput with minimal supervision. The instrument has long unattended analysis times resulting in high-resolution adsorption isotherms and Windows control allows other applications to be performed while automatic operation is underway.

This also gives you great control over your report production - manipulating and customising - moving and zooming in on graphs and copying information into other applications. It is probably best to do one report at a time mind, you probably cannot multitask like the six station, high-throughput, ChemiSorb HTP, chemisorption analyzer.  

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:54:37