Chemisorption Measurements In A Low Cost System

Designing, producing and using catalytic materials rests on, among other things, the ability to determine the surface structure and chemistry of these materials. The ChemiSorb series of chemisorption instruments from Micromeritics offer users a way to measure both physical and chemical adsorption in a single, low cost and easily upgradeable analytical solution.

The ChemiSorb range includes a basic model, the ChemiSorb 2720, as well as a higher performance model, the ChemiSorb 2750. Both models are designed to provide users with an affordable solution for chemisorption (including crystallite size, surface acidity or basicity, active metal area and percent dispersion) and physisorption (including Langmuir surface area, total pore volume and single point BET surface area) analysis.

The 2720 offers reliable performance while still being affordable for teaching and research institutions and features one port each for sample preparation and analysis as well as four carrier inlets and one preparation inlet for gas, an integrated sample cell cooling fan; external detectors including mass spectrometers are also supported. It's also easy to upgrade as your analytical needs expand.

The ChemiSorb 2750 chemisorption analyser offers the same features as the 2720, but with more precise performance and quicker throughput to accommodate a wider variety of experiments. The 2750 eliminates sample contamination with its dual-purpose sample ports, which may be used either as a degas port or as a sample analysis port. An injector septum and injector loop valve are both featured in the 2750; the instrument's loops may be interchanged to offer differing volumes.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:21:28