Chemical Cabinet Retains Toxic Vapours

It is strange how the Erlab range of vented chemical storage cabinets and ductless mobile enclosures can bring to mind the seminal UK comedy 'Fawlty Towers'. Not that there were any episodes of 'Fawlty Towers' set in laboratories, as I remember, but two specific quotes from the sit com that came to my mind are worth repeating.

The first, said by Basil is: "Next contestant, Mrs. Sybil Fawlty from Torquay. Specialist subject - the bleeding obvious". The other, also from Basil, is: "Well, what are you stinking the place up with those for?"

Put these two together and you have something of a critique of the scientific community's occasionally tardy attitude to the storage of noxious and odorous chemical vapours; not as regards fire risks or compatibility problems - more about vapour release. Although lab practise has improved dramatically and ductless fume hoods and fume cupboards are usually readily available for the large number of tasks that require their usage, too often bottles and flasks are stored in inadequately ventilated cupboards.

Every time the door is opened up unpleasant vapours can leak into the lab. Which is where vented chemical storage cabinets come in - they are a 'bleeding obvious' answer to the problem of chemical storage. Erlab's Captair vented chemical cabinets range from the extra large 16 shelf 1634 to the 2 shelf 822 ministore, which will happily sit on or under a work surface.

There is even a 16-bottle shelf that can perch behind a designated area allowing you to keep compatible chemicals readily at hand. Each vented cabinet works by having a fan that draws in air through intakes located in the base of the unit. This air draws any vapours being emitted from bottles and other containers in the store through Erlab's proprietary filter systems so that the air returned to the lab is free from any harmful substances.

Therefore, not only do you not receive a blast of something unpleasant when you open the door to retrieve a bottle - your lab air is actually being scrubbed as well. The efficiency of the organic and acid molecular filters in the larger cabinets means that you can store both compatible and incompatible chemicals in the same chemical cabinet. The full range of filters available additionally allows you to capture formaldehyde, ammonia and radioactive iodine.

Plus, of course, the lack of any need for ducts means the cabinets can be located just about anywhere, including next to work stations, and they remain completely mobile - move the lab move your Erlab store. Importantly you are also doing your bit for the environment by not releasing pollutants into the atmosphere and perhaps more surprisingly, your operational costs remain at a minimum, even when taking into account filter changes.

As Mr Fawlty might have said: "for storing chemicals choose Erlab vented storage cabinets, it really is bleeding obvious".

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:53:17