Micromeritics NLDFT Models for Characterizing Porous Carbons

Micromeritics introduced DFT V1.00 In April 1993. It was then the first commercially available software package which offered practical methods to analyse experimental adsorption isotherms - the methods used were based on modern theoretical physical chemistry.

The culmination of scientists W.B. Conklin and J.P. Olivier discovered a method by which the power of density functional theory (DFT) could be used by any laboratory technician or researcher with a PC or desk top computer.  

Micromeritics has introduced a series of NLDFT models for characterizing porous carbons and their work in the area of isotherm data analysis continues to to be of prime importance.

The set includes the 2D models which are based on recent work by J Jagiello and J P Olivier - the journal of Physical Chemistry first described them in the November 2009 issue. If researchers want additional options for characterizing carbon materials, they can select another set of recently introduced models for either 77K (with argon) or 87K for Nitrogen.

As far as gas adsorption technologies are concerned the Micromeritics DFT/NLDFT model set is the largest library available to a commercial buying audience and they continue the Micromeritics trend of innovation and excellence. These NLDFT models are available at no charge to any users of the Micromeritics' DataMaster, ASAP® 2420, ASAP® 202o, Gemini® VII 2390 and TriStar® II 3020.  

Date added: 2010-04-10 09:29:11