Cellular Imaging in Turbocharged Mode

‘Less haste, more speed.' The pertinence of the proverb has been somewhat devalued in the years since a road safety campaign suggested to drivers: ‘More Haste, less Speed' causing, potentially, generations of confusion.

Thankfully Molecular Devices must have understood the true meaning of the adage because they have released the XL model of the ImageXpress® Micro System, which has now been turbocharged to give you three times the throughput of their ImageXpress Micro Widefield High-Content Screening (HCS) System. That is a lot more speed with no haste, or compromise of quality - in fact statistically robust cellular imaging results can now be produced in a third of the time.

The use of state-of-the-art detectors and sophisticated 10,000 hour plus ‘instant-on' illumination allow researchers to capture three times the number of objects per image compared with conventional HCS; cellular imaging taken to a new level. This allows you to run more screens and perform hit selection faster, whatever your research and development interests or needs: from multifaceted cell signalling pathways to rare event analysis.

The ImageXpress® Micro XL makes Molecular Devices' mantra: ‘one well, one image' spot on and it also means fewer images for large objects - the end result is less time spent ‘tiling' and more time spent on research. And when this is combined with the new MetaXpress® 4 Software then acquisition and analysis becomes even more powerful.

MetaXpress® 4 has a two-fold object finding algorithm option for twelve different application modules: Cell Cycle, Cell Health, Cell Scoring, Count Nuclei, Granularity, ‘Live Dead', Mitotic Index, Monopole Detection, MWCS, Transfluor, Translocation and Translocation Enhanced. This means you can achieve acquisition and analysis rates in excess of 10 million cells per hour - turbocharging indeed! Plus Molecular Devices have further enhanced assay window reliability with a 3-log dynamic range and <5% CV for intensities right across the plate.

The ImageXpress® Micro XL certainly illustrates high content imaging technology at the cutting edge of cellular research and drug discovery; far less haste and much more speed.

Date added: 2012-05-01 12:11:15