Cell Migration Assay Kits for Cell Migration and Invasion

Paradigm shifts in science are difficult things to really define; quite often they are just referencing a change in ‘worldview'. An appreciation of the importance of cell migration and motility in health and disease doesn't quite rank alongside our awareness of a quantum universe, but it does help free us from a certain rigidity of thinking that the very name ‘cell' invokes.

Cells are not all compartments within a larger structure - the honeycomb fallacy; the division between the unicellular and the multicellular is also not absolute. Cell migration is central to our understanding of a multitude of processes: embryo formation, wound healing, inflammation, the immune response and tumour formation.

Amsbio, (AMS biotechnology) provide the means for researchers to address this developing field - both cell migration and invasion - by providing a range of Oris cell migration kits. The OrisTM Pro Cell Migration and Invasion Assays are especially designed to allow the use of automated liquid handling for cell seeding and to maintain full access to the plated cells throughout the rest of the experiment.

The assay involves the use of a non-toxic biocompatible gel and is a readily quantifiable alternative to the ‘scratch assay' that measures cell movements into a ‘wound' made by scoring (and hence removing) cells in a confluent monolayer. Instead a central cell-free central zone is produced on a culture surface (the biocompatible gel being dissolved from a central zone after seeding) and cell movement, or inhibition of movement, into the resulting region can then be analysed by a variety of different means.

This includes High Content Imaging (HCI) High Content Screening (HCS), fluorescence microplate readers, and monitoring with an inverted microscope following vital dyeing.

Cells can be followed in real time, with handling reduced thanks to the automation-friendly design of the cell migration assay kits. Pre-coated plates are available or your own extracellular matrices can be applied. The flexibility of the assay allows you a variety of experimental design options: endpoint or kinetic, 2D cell migration or 3D cell invasion. Also in-cell Westerns are easily carried out to monitor phosphorylation events in your experiment.

A new era of understanding of cell motility is upon us and the OrisTM Pro Cell Migration and Invasion Assays, brought to you by amsbio, are the perfect way to learn more.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:58:23