Catalyst Screening For Hydrogenation - the HP ChemSCAN From HEL

Rapid screening of high pressure reactions and heterogeneous catalysis systems is now an available reality with HEL's HP ChemSCAN. This dedicated screening reaction system will also save time while perfecting your high pressure reactions.

The platform can be used with a working volume ranging from below 16ml to over 100ml,  for small scale screening as well as intermediate scale confirmation preceding scale-up. The pressure range is 200bar with temperatures below ambient increased to over 200°C with a range of over 100°C at anytime. This ultra sensitive system will record gas consumption accurately even with a very slow uptake and display the findings separately, in real time, for each reactor.

The easy to use software makes it possible for experimental changes to be made at any time while the unit is running. The HPCS boasts an aggressive magnetically coupled high torque agitation system reaching speeds of 1500rpm, enabling constant pressure or feed rate experiments to run with ease.

The system also allows the study of eight pressure reactions simultaneously - 16ml is the standard reactor size for each vessel working down to 3ml. These have the possibility to be interchanged with 75ml and 120ml reactors and the unit has the capacity to operate up to 100bar, 250°C being the standard range of achievable ambient.

Heterogeneous and homogenous catalytic gas-liquid reactions can be achieved because of the HPCS's superb mixing. The gas uptake is mostly kinetic controlled due to the mixing rate which allows scale up confidence. For more information why not click on the a link from this page to view the video, or click on the 'supplier website' link to go directly to the relevant product page on the HEL website.

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Date added: 2015-05-25 13:14:54