Calorimetry Lab solutions from the HEL Group

The calorimetry lab is an essential part of the process R&D. It is here that reaction calorimetry is carries out to simulate and study how the thermal processes of a reaction from a particular chemistry may impact the production process in a plant as well as to assess the potential hazard of the reaction. It’s an indispensible part of ensuring safety and efficiency in production processes. Typically performed on a one liter scale for safety and efficiency, the safety, viability and optimization data is then scaled up to that of the actual plant.

Reaction calorimeters are used to determine the amount of heat that a given process will produce; and this data is used to calculate the cooling duty required to scale up the process. The calorimetry lab also calculates potential adiabatic temperature increase and along with these other method, provides the necessary data for accurate process safety assessments.

The HEL Group distributes the Simular reaction calorimeter, a modular solution for safety assessment applications which uses in-house developed, advanced software for control and data analysis. It’s a system which is flexible enough to meet virtually any need; you can customize the Simular with the components which are the closest match for the conditions in your plant to create a user friendly dedicated simulation tool for your plant and your processes. This system may be customized for temperature range, speed, agitation, reagent feed rate and reactor geometry; it’s the most versatile solution available for the calorimetry lab.

Multiple calorimetric methods are available to meet the needs of research chemists as well as safety and process control professionals. The Simular’s unique power compensation calorimetry offers accurate simulation and modeling of heat release without complex calculations or tedious calibration – and classical heat flow calorimetry is also supported.

The Simular uses a standard 1 liter atmospheric pressure system, with optional volumes available from .2 to 20 liters in resistant alloy, stainless steel or glass and in pressure ratings up to 200 bar. Customized vessels are also available upon request to simulate actual plant conditions.

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