CEM’s proprietary iWave technology replaces fibre optic probes

CEM, leading innovators in the laboratory application of microwave technology, have further shown their commitment to simplifying methodology, while improving performance, by designing a radically new method of temperature solution measurement: Light emitting technology (LET).

LET is a technique that utilises the emission of light from a sample solution to measure, rapidly and accurately, the temperature of that solution – and all without the need for a probe.

The iWave™ from CEM, which uses LET, is a contactless in-situ temperature sensor that does away with the need for fibre optic probes and CEM have now incorporated iWave™ sensors into their MARS 6 microwave digestion system.

This means no need for control vessels and all of the rigmarole of setting up probes, because the iWave™ measures the sample solution temperature, in every vessel, without costly, prone to heat and acid damage, optical probes. The result is a saving in both time and money, with improved accuracy and safety thanks to the rapid monitoring carried out every time a vessel passes over an iWave sensor.

This immediacy enables the MARS 6 software to automatically adjust the power individually to each separate vessel ensuring that users always achieve a successful digestion.

The MARS 6 microwave digestion system has already proved itself as the way forward for rapid and efficient acid digestions for a wide range of industries and applications.

The increased performance provided by iWave™ looks set to expand the use of microwave digestion to new and even more challenging applications. What is more CEM have designed their iWave™ sensors for the MARS 6 to be completely field upgradable, which means that it is not just new customers that will be able to take advantage of this innovative technology.

Date added: 2016-10-24 09:02:45