CEM’s iPrep Vessels Break New Ground in Microwave Digestion

Since 1986, when CEM produced the very first microwave digestion vessel, the company have continued to innovate to design and manufacture the widest selection of vessels, to meet the most stringent of customer demands. Now, with the production of the iPrep microwave digestion vessel CEM have reached a new level of both functionality and safe operation.

The iPrep microwave digestion vessel features CEM’s patented dual-seal technology, allowing higher operating parameters to be achieved, meaning that difficult samples such as boron carbide, oils, PET and ceramics, can be solubilised more rapidly and more effectively.

The dual seal pressure release function offers unmatched control of digestion by products. Fumes, such as CO2 and NOx, are vented out of a specific outlet canal, while the full integrity of all elements including the volatiles such as As, Se and Hg, is still maintained. Yet the iPrep vessels are easy to assemble - without any need to fall back on heavy torque wrenches - requiring only a simple hand-tightening tool.

The iPrep can digest up to twice as much sample per run, helping to ensure homogeneity while increasing the limits of detection. Typical sample sizes include waste fuel oil (0.5 grams), bunker oil (0.24 grams), PET pellet (0.5 grams) and toner (0.3 grams). Many of the most difficult samples can be digested to provide a clear and colourless liquid using only nitric acid, while other silicate-containing samples, such as coal, may require the addition of HF as well.

Vessel temperature measurement and control of each iPrep on CEM’s Mars 6 is easily achieved thanks their iWave technology. This is a contactless in-situ temperature measurement system that is as accurate as if the probe was located inside the liquid. Precise and reliable, iWave technology allows the iPrep vessels to reach higher temperatures and ensures consistency over all the samples in a batch.

In an effective demonstration of the iPrep’s use an organic sample was ramped to 250° C within 20 minutes and held there, with iWave maintaining a temperature consistency of just a few degrees, until the digestion was complete.

In the iPrep CEM have again combined innovative design with the most stringent of safety considerations to produce a genuine benefit to the field.  

Date added: 2017-05-05 16:26:53