CEM’s New Investment to build on UK Success

CEM have been leaders in the application of microwave technology to laboratory research and development since 1978. In conjunction with their novel non-microwave instrumentation, CEM have shown a commitment to innovation resulting in new products and techniques that have contributed to a green chemistry revolution with improved repeatability, faster reaction times, increased yields and novel synthesis conditions.

In all, CEM have produced more than 20 fully supported trademarked instruments. CEM have also taken automation to a new level and so it is not surprising to find that demand for both their equipment and expertise is reaching new levels too.

In order to address the demand coming from clients, such as universities, prestigious research institutes and international companies, CEM have renovated their UK facility, which seems destined to build on CEM’s reputation as a centre of excellence.

This large investment clearly illustrates CEM’s continued pledge to the UK and its research base, consolidating CEM’s position as a developer, innovator and manufacturer, with a real commitment to their customers and science in general. CEM’s intention is to provide in-depth instruction and individual application development alongside specially tailored training courses.

To this end an updated main laboratory has been designed to accommodate both ‘low toxicity’ applications and the more extreme requirements of full acid digestion e.g. environmental testing sector using CEM’s Mars 6 for acid digestion, and solvent extraction for PCB’s and PAH’s.

CEM will also continue to help speed up group 2 testing procedures for food science with their new instrumentation to cover salt analysis, FAMES (Fatty acid methyl ester analysis), protein analysis, total fats, heavy metals testing and fibre and moisture analysis.

This facility provides the perfect introduction for both instrument use and application development, offering properly bespoke training as required. You can book on a training course via the CEM website here - and if they find that demand outstrips availability, CEM will simply arrange more dates.

You can also find out about CEM’s QuickCheck Laboratory Support scheme there. This is a multi-phase assistance program that covers method development, quality audit and instrument performance.

CEM have not just considered the sharp end of ‘research and development’, they have also invested heavily in the manufacturing and delivery side of their operation within the updated and heavily refurbished site.

Just as CEM’s application of microwave technology has meant reduced environmental impact and helped contribute to a ‘greener’ chemistry, so their updated facility illustrates CEM continued commitment to ensuring that their UK operation remains a notable site of scientific endeavour.


Date added: 2016-09-02 11:31:14