Better Dairy Process Control with CEM

When it comes to dairy products taste, texture and ‘mouth feel’ are vitally important for customer satisfaction. These factors are highly dependent on product fat, protein and solid content. If possible, to ensure quality and reduce wastage, it is highly advantageous to monitor and analyse all stages of production, from raw material coming in, to the finished goods going out.

What is more, if the results can be obtained speedily and reliably, then major savings can be made, thanks to reduced batch variation, minimised returns and faster batch/product release. This is where CEM instrumentation and systems really come into their own.

CEM produce a range of innovative, accurate and versatile instruments that offer real solutions for analysing all in-process steps and the finished products to ensure maximum quality control and real savings. And what’s more this is AOAC approved methodology, offering ‘greener’ alternative with less use of harmful reagents. 

Protein, fat and moisture/solid composition, all are amenable to CEM’s innovative, effective and elegant analysis technology. The Sprint is a ‘greener’ approach to protein analysis that involves no hazardous chemicals and is safer than Kjeldahl, as well as being AOAC approved. CEM’s SMART 6 can analyse solid/moisture content of products as diverse as milk, in-process cheese, ice cream, milk shakes and finished dairy powder thanks to proprietary iPower®. And all in a remarkable 60-90 seconds thanks to iDri™ AOAC approved technology (PVM 1:2004). Plus it has an easy to use touchscreen and an IP-65 compliance option.

The ORACLE is designed for fat and solid/moisture analysis, with fat analysis results produced in an impressive 30 seconds. No method development or recalibration is required and universal primary fat analysis is possible of any sample. This AOAC approved technology (PVM 1:2004) can replace Rose Gottlieb, Gerber, or IR (NIR, FT-IR, FT-NIR).

The savings that CEM can produce are impressive as well. Their systems can achieve fat results that are 0.20% more accurate than NIR/FTIR which means customers can save in the region of an impressive $91K per year. So for all dairy products, from ice cream to milk powder, CEM systems and technology can produce speedy reliable results that then result in real savings. From start to finish CEMs systems and instrumentation are there to aid your process control.

Date added: 2017-02-21 09:36:34