Buy Autoclave Expertise From Priorclave

When you buy autoclave products from Priorclaves, you’re not just getting a high performance laboratory sterilization solution; you’re also receiving the company’s extensive experience in producing high quality autoclaves. The range of autoclaves manufactured by Priorclave includes front loading autoclaves which are available in electrically heated or direct steam heated variations and in capacities of 100, 150 or 200 liters, with a new 320 liter capacity model now available.

All Priorclave front loading autoclaves are mounted with castors for easy positioning and repositioning as needed and include two non-tipping shelves. These models are also compatible with a wide range of waste containers, loading trolleys and stainless steel baskets. Users can buy autoclave solutions in the above range of sizes in their choice of steam or electric heated models, all of which are perfectly suited for applications including: media preparation and the sterilization of liquids and diluents, waste, glassware and instruments.

Features of the Priorclave front loading range include:

  • Castor-mounted for ease of positioning
  • Capacities ranging from 100 to 320 liters
  • Operation up to 140C - 2.5 Bar
  • Large chamber diameter with 20% more loading area than conventional autoclaves
  • Single action quickseal2 closure system
  • Forced air cooling for shorter cycle times
  • Thermocouple entry and test ports
  • Delayed start and media warming functions 
  • Integrated Tactrol microprocessor control system – parameters can be set and cycle set to run automatically with a single touch
  • Digital readout for simultaneous viewing and adjustment of time and temperature
  • Double door pass-through models also available for sealed laboratories
  • PED 97/23/EC, BS2646-1993, BS5500 Cat.3. and EMC directive compliant
  • Safety features including low water level sensor, safety gate mechanism which cracks gasket seal to release excess pressure when needed and thermal cooling lock which prevents opening until the temperature of contents  have cooled to safe levels


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Date added: 2015-05-25 13:06:42