Blood Bank Refrigerator with Reliable Temperature Control

Can't think what to buy for that certain special Vampire in your life? A notable Undead-day coming up and you're fresh out of present ideas? Well, now your prayers are answered: look no further than the Panasonic blood bank refrigerator range! They are everything that your hematophagic friend could want, designed to meet the most recent guidelines put down by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) and paragons of stability and reliability - just the answer for the Count who likes to plan ahead.

Joking aside, Panasonic have really pulled out all the stops here to produce a range of blood bank refrigerators to satisfy the needs of hospitals, blood banks and laboratories everywhere. The capacity of the refrigerators varies from 79L to 1267L, the smallest model, the MBR-107D, holding 32 450ml bags, which compares very favourably with larger refrigerators produced by other manufacturers - an important consideration when space is a constraint. The largest model, the MBR-1405GR, holds an impressive 720 450ml bags and there are three further intermediate models to fit your particular requirements.

Every model utilises Panasonic's proprietary technology to ensure the viability and quality of your valuable resource. Bearing in mind that Panasonic has been at the forefront of compressor design for nearly 35 years and that their Compressor Division has produced over 300 compressor-related patents it comes as no surprise that their blood bank refrigerators feature state-of-the-art rapid cooling plus effective low-noise performance.

Add to this: transparent inner doors that minimise air leakage, foamed-in-place wall insulation, plus magnetically sealed outer doors with double-paned windows and you have a refrigerator superbly designed to hold its temperature.

However, effective temperature monitoring is also crucial and here Panasonic have produced an ingenious double-sensor monitoring system that models blood bag temperature by using two blood bag-shaped, liquid-filled, monitor bottles. Two thermistor sensors also continually monitor the upper and lower chambers, all overseen and controlled - along with the defrost cycle - by microprocessor systems that also contribute to the alarm and safety functions. These are ‘belts and braces' plus: audible and flashing visual alarms, remote contact with a 30-minute re-activation and door alarms.

And being Panasonic the blood bank refrigerators' ‘green' credentials are impeccable with HFC and HCFC-free refrigerants and HCFC-free insulation. Not necessarily a selling point for ‘Twilight' fans, but good news for the rest of us.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:49:07