Biohit mLINE Now Available From Sartorius

In terms of laboratory equipment, the pipette is a mainstay that many people take for granted. However, choosing a quality pipette can make life easier, ensuring experimental accuracy and ease of use.

The Biohit mLINE range now available from Sartorius incorporates innovative patented features that guarantee precision and accuracy in any laboratory application. Ergonomically designed to be to be lightweight and extremely comfortable for the operator to use, the pipetting action also works with minimum force — the lowest pipetting forces of any product currently available — helping prevent repetitive strain injury.

Featuring a variety of different models, the Biohit mLINE product line covers a full range of volumes from 0.1 microlitres up to 10 millilitres, suitable for most modern lab applications. Crucially, Biohit mLINE pipettes are also available in both single and multichannel models.

With Biohit’s unique ‘Optiload’ mechanism you are assured of perfect tip sealing and easy tip ejection. Other innovative features including a volume locking button (to eliminate the danger of accidental volume change), thermal insulation of internal components and a clear, user friendly display allow the Biohit mLINE to deliver an impressive degree of accuracy.

A number of features also combine to reduce contamination risks and make mLINE pipettes extremely easy to clean. Biohit’s Safe-Cone Filters are designed to prevent contamination, while the product also features high chemical and UV resistance, is fully autoclavable and easily disassembles into just two or three parts (depending on the model) for hassle-free cleaning.

An attractive and ergonomically appealing device (suitable for both left- and right-handed use), the Biohit mLINE is one of the most advanced yet simple-to-use air displacement pipettes on the market today.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:10:03