Autoscribe's Matrix Tracker Offers Bio-banking Storage Solutions

Keeping track of a large and constantly growing number of tissue samples, slides and other specimens is one of the biggest challenges that companies and organizations in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical and research sectors currently face. Add in the fact that many of these companies and organizations work with a very large number of samples across multiple laboratories, clinics and other facilities and the challenge becomes even more complex.

In order to keep every growing bio-banks and sample repositories organized and effectively managed, it has become an absolute necessity to register samples as they are collected. From that moment on, these samples must be carefully tracked and the chain of custody accurately recorded in order to ensure that the whereabouts of these samples is known at all times. Access to sample storage areas may also need to be restricted to certain personnel, storage areas may need to be mapped and donor consent may need to be tracked along with samples, just to name a few of the many concerns associated with sample management.

Autoscribe Ltd. has designed customizable Matrix Tracker systems which address these issues and others. These systems are in use among a wide variety of research organizations and businesses, from pharmaceutical manufacturers to clinical research facilities. Some of the important features of Autoscribe Ltd. systems include:

  • They're compliant with current regulatory requirements and able to meet future requirements
  • They provide a user-friendly method of registering samples and retrieving necessary documentation associated with these samples
  • They make it easy to log samples in or out or to move them within the repository
  • They can produce an accountable chain of custody for each sample in the system
  • They can provide users with audits of the repository or other storage location as well as a full audit trail for all samples in the system
  • It's a system which meets all current requirements and is easy to adapt to changing circumstances in the future


Autoscribe is acknowledged as a leader in innovative, custom Matrix Tracker systems which are easy to use and easy to configure. With solutions for LIMS (laboratory information systems), stability testing, customer support management, resource planning and instrument calibration, Autoscribe Ltd. can offer sophisticated computer based management to companies and organizations in the biotech, pharmaceutical and research sectors which can meet the demands of virtually any research, production or business environment.

Date added: 2011-07-15 19:25:44