Bench Reactor Range From HEL

The HEL Group distributes a bench reactor range as part of its wide variety of process screening, development and optimization as well as reactive hazard assessment solutions. The product line is made up of fully automated, modular reactor systems which are extremely versatile and expandable and  can be customized to suit virtually any application where a compact reactor is called for.

The bench reactor range available from the HEL Group includes Auto-Lab:

This fully automatable reactor system provides an out of the box solution for synthetic chemistry automation and includes common equipment for process control and R&D applications involving volumes of ~0.25 to 100 liters. The Auto-Lab bench reactor is designed for application is in the chemical and related industries and includes reactors, pumps, heaters and valves assembled and configured for this purpose. The system can be controlled and monitored using dedicated Auto-Lab software on a connected PC.

The Auto-Lab offers unattended, around the clock automated operation to increase productivity, operator independent reproducibility and the ability to generate permanent records of chemical process data. The potential applications of the Auto-Lab system are nearly limitless; this system is assembled specifically for the requirements of the application or environment where this exceptionally versatile modularly designed bench reactor is needed.

Features of the bench reactor include:

  • Reactor volumes from 100ml to 20L
  • Integrated liquid dosing and pH control
  • Reflux and distillation options
  • Gas, solids and liquid feeds available
  • Operating range of temperatures from -80°C to 350°C (500 °C optional), pressures from vacuum to 350 bar
  • Safety features – every model can be monitored and set with user-defined alarms, shutdowns and routine terminations
  • Unattended, automated operation offers increased productivity


The Auto-Lab is completely custom designed and can be made to meet the needs of nearly any application; additional components can easily be added to the Auto-Lab bench reactor as needed.

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Date added: 2015-05-25 13:03:18