Autotitrator With Plug And Play Functionality

The T-90 Titration System From Mettler-Toledo

The T90 Titrator from Mettler-Toledo ensures undefeated quality in its ability to perform autotitration to the highest degree. While achieving accuracy, users can enjoy a less stressful analysis. Built and defined to create an effective and accurate method, the T90 Titrator offers multiple features that benefit users on a number of different levels.

Features include:

  • Duo-Performance - The T90 autotitrator can offer the user two analysis sections that will anaylse independently of each other and simultaneously. This can be of huge benefit to users with more work done in far less time.
  • Karl Fischer KitTM - Karl Fischer titration is achievable on the T90 Titrator as the kit includes the sensor, tubes and cables, the One Click solvent manager and the autotitration stand with vessel.
  • Logical Method Function - The T90 autotitrator is designed to work out the best proceedings during an analysis.
  • Series Sequence- This function allows the T90 Titrator to combine individual samples series of different methods.
  • Result buffer - All results can be either transferred to the buffer or loaded directly from it. In doing this the T90 autotitrator can select results of an analysis to be included in the calculation of parallel analysis.

What is Titration?

Titration is a method used by scientists to measure unknown concentrations called the titrand. In doing this, the titrand is mixed  with a known concentration called the titrant. The titrand is often a type of acid or redox and must be applied to the titrant as it will have a value of 7pH.

As acid liquids are less than 7 pH, the titrant is added gradually until 7pH is reached again. In doing this, autotitration becomes achievable. Alternatively the titration results can be taken once the sample changes colour.

Date added: 2011-06-13 23:49:16