Autoscribe LIMS Buying Guide

Autoscribe Limited offers a thorough and very helpful guide for choosing and implementing a sample tracking or more comprehensive LIMS solution. This guide is designed for the use of potential buyers who are interested in systems of all sizes, covering everything from a LIMS or sample management system for a single small laboratory or a scalable system which meets the needs of large multinational organizations.

Based on Autoscribe's extensive experience in LIMS and sample tracking software, "How to Buy a LIMS" covers everything you need to know when seeking a LIMS solution.  With in-depth information on the systems themselves as well as helpful sections including one on questions to ask vendors, the guide brings all of the LIMS and sample tracking system expertise that Autoscribe is known for to bear on the issue of the advantages of LIMS and choosing the right solution.

Autoscribe Limited is a household name in scientific and clinical laboratories, with a reputation for reliable yet innovative, scalable and easily configurable LIMS and sample management solutions which are exceptionally user friendly. The company also provides instrument maintenance, calibration and stability testing system as well as solutions for resource planning, support management and customer relationship management.

Date added: 2015-05-27 01:15:35