Automated sampling is just the start

Regardless of the type of industry or laboratory environment you operate in, one of the biggest challenges can be the difficulty of running multiple tests on a single sample ... and often on a number of samples simultaneously. This is where automated sampling comes in.

METTLER TOLEDO now brings an innovative solution to this challenge, with the ability to perform multiple tests on single or multiple samples using their modular Multiparameter Analysis System. The advantages of such a set-up are clear - not only does the facility to conveniently run simultaneous tests bring significant time savings, but the system also helps optimise accuracy and repeatability.

The Multiparameter Analysis System allows users to select their own analysis components that will combine to measure factors such as pH and acidity, conductivity, Brix, colour and total hardness. In combination, the system provides efficient automated sampling throughput and simple, highly ergonomic operation.

METTLER TOLEDO has a deserved reputation for producing high-quality lab equipment that combines fast and accurate testing with unrivalled repeatability and impressive ease of use. When linked to the manufacturer's own LabX® software, the Multiparameter Analysis System also ensures efficient and secure handling of test data. You can request further information by visiting their website or clicking on the 'ask supplier' icon above to request a demonstration of how this system can provide a unique automated sampling solution for your lab environment.

Date added: 2012-05-03 18:20:33