Automated Biochemical Analysis, YSI Sweeten The Deal

It was very difficult to see how YSI could improve their range of biochemical analysers. After all, in their latest model, the YSI 2900, they have produced a piece of equipment that yet again has ‘raised the bar’ for automated analysis. YSI have built on 30+ years of experience in the field, and utilised their proprietary immobilised enzyme electrodes to produce a touch screen-lead instrument that produces remarkably accurate results in under a minute.

The automated sample handling and unique clogging-resistant fluidics make the operation so simple one is almost tempted to ask if the built-in instructional video is really required? The modular design means that it is remarkably easy to swap between the different ‘chemistry’ analysis packages for:  lactate, glutamate, glutamine, xylose, ethanol, methanol, sucrose, galactose, lactose, choline and hydrogen peroxide.  Plus you can measure your samples in a really wide range of sample holders including microcentrifuge tubes and 96-well plates.

So, given this rightly impressive specification what exactly have YSI done to improve their analysers? Quite simply they have added glycerol chemistry to their range. Glycerol, otherwise known as glycerine, is a key component in many industrial activities including pharmaceutical, food and drink, cosmetics, biotech and biofuels.

Being sweet and viscous it has a role as a sugar substitute, filler in low-fat foods and as a thickener. It is also used as an anti-freeze, solvent and lubricant. The breadth of its uses makes it a particularly apposite addition to the analysis range. With a detection range between 0.75 – 40 g/L (with a 10µL injection) the precision is an impressive 3% at the calibration point. And, of course, as with the other chemistries, your results are obtained in one minute or less. It really does seem like the best has just got better.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:07:14