Automated Cell Counter Combines Accuracy and Portability

In a world where the phrase ‘time-saving’ is banded about in a rather cavalier fashion, applied to everything from tea bags to high-speed trains – which now take longer than their diesel predecessors – it is difficult to define exactly what qualifies as ‘time-saving’.

I would have to say though that no doubt attaches to the Merck Millipore Scepter 2.0’s time-saving attributes: a task that use to take ten minutes can now be accomplished in less than 30 sec. This is real time saving!

The Merck Millipore Scepter is a handheld automated cell counter, but what a cell counter! It uses the familiar Coulter principle – the property of particles such as cells moving in an electric field to cause a disturbance in that field – but elegantly employs it in a sophisticated hand-held, highly portable, device.

Simply prepare a dilution of the cell culture of interest and aspirate a sample into the Scepter sensor. On the built-in ‘handle’ screen display you will see: the cell concentration, the average cell size, the average cell volume and a histogram of the size or volume distribution.

This is a remarkable result in a ridiculously short amount of time. Cells (or particles) between 8 and 25 μm can be counted and aberrant clots or debris can be automatically (or manually) excluded. This dedicated research tool has been tested with cell types representative of all those currently under laboratory investigation and up to 72 histograms can be saved on the device.

Data downloading is straightforward, via the USB cable provided, and additional data manipulations are easily carried out with Microsoft Excel. The applications of the Merck Millipore Scepter 2.0 are obviously manyfold. Culture quality can be easily and quickly monitored, shifts in the histograms reflecting changes in your culture’s health or viability. You can also gate your histogram to count only the population that is of interest to you. 

Just think, in the time it took you to read this page, you could have already have carried out 10 cell counts with your Merck Millipore Scepter 2.0; time saving indeed. However, it does make you wonder if this is a Scepter or a magic wand. 

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:52:08