Autoclave Hoist for Safe and Efficient Loading

Loading of tall, awkwardly shaped and heavy items into an autoclave has often posed a dilemma. Should you take the risk of back injury or simply accept that you will never make full use of the vertical sterilising chamber’s full working height?

With its new hoist option, Loadlite, Priorclave has solved the problem and made the process easy and safe. Designed for full integration with Priorclave QCS V100 and V150 top loading autoclaves, the arrival of Loadlite means that laboratories need no longer consider buying much larger, and more expensive, rectangular chamber autoclaves which are less cost-effective and take up a lot more floor space.

The chambers of these compact autoclave models are 500 mm in diameter, with depths of 500 mm or 700 mm. Loading height is 755 mm for the V100 and 935 mm for the V150.

The hoist can be attached to a standard wire basket’s handle using a simple, secure, quick-release clip. For direct loading and unloading of fermenters, Priorclave can also supply tailor-made collars which attach securely to their necks.

A push-button handset, connected by an umbilical cord, is used to operate the jib, which is 590 mm long. A drive rack, housed in the hoist’s vertical column, controls the jib’s vertical movement.

Items can be lifted directly into and out of the sterilising chambers or transferred to and from a nearby trolley, bench top or other platform by swinging sideways through a 1200 mm arc.

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Date added: 2013-02-05 17:14:41