Autoclave Manufacturer Celebrates - Three cheers for Priorclave

Not all anniversaries can be accompanied by flotillas of boats and huge firework displays, but we would at least like to light a small rocket to commemorate the fact that Priorclave are celebrating their 25th anniversary.

Priorclave are, of course, the UK's most successful autoclave manufacturer. Since 1988 they have established their enviable reputation by producing some five thousand autoclaves for customers at home and all around the world. And we mean that quite literally, as happy clients can be found in Mauritius, New Guinea, Russia and Ecuador - many, many different areas of Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas in fact.

Priorclave are a truly international company, but design and manufacture remains resolutely British, which founder Charles Prior believes has contributed significantly to their success. Not only have they designed and produced a range of steam sterilisers for every job and every situation, they can offer a service to help tailor their machines to each customer's specific requirement, from compact bench-top front loaders, to high capacity front-loaders and pass-through double entry machines. Options that other manufacturers may only offer on their most expensive equipment can be incorporated into Priorclave's full range of autoclaves. This flexibility is backed by unrivalled after-sales support, and an unmatched warranty, all of which makes the purchase of a Priorclave autoclave such a sound investment.

Some people seem to think that autoclaves don't do much, almost as if hospitals and research institutes are simply obliged to buy one. Nothing could be further from the truth. These are not just bright, shiny, streamlined pieces of equipment that sit happily in the corner of rooms, twinkling the occasional light. The truth is simple: autoclaves help save lives. A badly functioning or badly designed autoclave can put patient lives at risk. This simple fact should never be forgotten. So three cheers for Priorclave and here goes the rocket for their silver anniversary now! Ahhh! Oh, look it's all bright and shiny, rather like their autoclaves. Here's to the next 25 years!

Date added: 2013-03-03 19:32:19