Ashless Filter Papers Are Free Of Acids

‘Ashless and Acid free', contrary to what you may be thinking, was not the title of a classic Progressive Rock album from the 1970s.

The phrase does however rather succinctly describe the Quantitative Filter Paper range from Sartorius. Made from refined pulp and linters(the fine fibres that adhere to cotton seeds) these ashless filter papers have over 98% alpha-cellulose content. They also have a high wet strength that makes them ideal for Büchner funnels and vacuum or pressure filtration.

The heart of their suitability for quantitative analysis though is their extremely low percentage ash content(<0.01 % according to DIN 54370) and the guaranteed absence of residual acids. These ashless filter papers from Sartorius are available in a range of different formats: sheets, rolls, discs and folded filters and come in seven different grades.

These range from papers with a wide-pored, spongy structure, with a high rate of filtration to those very fine crystalline ashless papers with extra fine-pores and very slow rates of filtration. Reliability and purity are the bywords for the Quantitative Paper Range from Sartorius, and no ‘Reliability and Purity' was not a prog rock album either. 

Date added: 2012-04-24 19:27:24