Analytical Balances In High Resolution From Sartorius

The Sartorius ME premium line of high resolution analytical balances and semi-microbalances provide accurate, reliable results regardless of the user, changes in ambient temperatures and other conditions. These balances provide an accurate measurement every time; laboratory conditions vary as do the required accuracies for different procedures. With the proprietary Sartorius monolithic weigh cell, the ME series has a nearly nonexistent rate of off-center load errors and the highest possible accuracy every time.

Precision analytical balances don't normally present many problems, but when you need accuracy to the tenth of a milligram, high resolution balances and semi-microbalances can be subject to variations in laboratory conditions. The Sartorius premium ME series of semi-microbalances and other balances are unaffected by the changes introduced by different users and ambient conditions – these are analytical balances which give you a reliable measurement no matter what the conditions, thanks to some advanced modifications made by the engineers at Sartorius.

Sartorius' engineers took great pains to design a draft shield which would reduce the effect of air currents. With the characteristic Sartorius attention to detail, engineers worked on a design which would eliminate inverse temperature air layering inside the shield, eliminating variances from air currents. Instability and variance in weight measurements due to these air currents have long been the bane of laboratory professionals - but with the heat dampening design of the Sartorius ME analytical balances line, even the heat of the display and control unit won't affect the accuracy of the results.

The ME series produces virtually no heat from its display and control unit, thanks to the latest backlighting technology. This backlighting produces extremely little heat and gives fast and stable readouts; in eight seconds or less, users receive reliable, accurate weight readouts.

The Sartorius ME also employs an air-deflecting "spoiler ring" around the weighing pan to eliminate variations in results caused by drafts and air currents which can be caused by central air systems and other equipment in use in the lab. The loading ergonomics of the ME analytical balances are not compromised in the least by the deflector ring, as opposed to the problems which can arise from the use of interior draft shields.

The Sartorius ME balances feature a transparent conducive coating on their glass paneled draft shields to eliminate the problem of static electricity. Most laboratories have very dry air, which makes this a common problem in the lab – but the ME prevents electrostatic charges from causing trouble from the air and those transferred from users.

Date added: 2015-05-25 10:50:17