Analytical Balance From Mettler Toledo – Little Things Mean A Lot

They say that a bad craftsman blames his tools. It is a shame that the converse does not hold true and that great craftsmen (in which, of course, I include scientists) do not give proper credit to the ‘everyday equipment' that helps them produce superb results. So, a heartfelt thanks to Mettler-Toledo for their range of analytical balances because accurate weighing is at the heart of all laboratory functions: without it we are lost - or at least meaningful results are.

Mettler-Toledo produces three ranges of analytical balances: the XA, XS and XP series. Each, as would be expected from the company, is at the forefront of balance design with state-of-the-art performance, beautiful ergonomic design and a consideration of safety issues that other balance manufacturers can sometimes overlook. 

‘One click' weighing is standard, with hands-free, draft shield operation and straightforward data presentation, recording and security - something which is becoming ever more important in the modern laboratory.

As one would expect from Mettler-Toledo the elegant design makes for easy maintenance and allows the weighing chamber to be disassembled and cleaned by a dishwasher, there is none of that awkwardness caused by fixed glass walls. And anybody who has ever tried cleaning that irritating gap around a top-loading balance's pan with a fine paintbrush, will be particularly grateful for Mettler-Toledo's smart grid hanging weighing pan which leaves no place for unwanted, and potentially dangerous, contaminants to lurk. It has never been easier to keep the lab's vital precision weighing instrument clean and safe.

Mettler-Toledo laboratory weighing devices are also amazing versatile; kits can easily be added to carry out a number of associated functions. A densitometer conversion is possible with a few simple steps, fast and precise measurement of particulate matter on filters (with built-in, static eliminating, Faraday cages) has never been easier and a dedicated pipette tester can be added.

This ‘tester' is an elegant addition; calibrating pipettes is an important, but too often over-looked piece of lab housekeeping and it is to Mettler-Toledo's credit that they have considered how even this simple and routine task can be better carried out. And they have not neglected to look at the maintenance of the balance itself; routine testing, necessary to maintain accuracy of results and frequently now to comply with regulatory standards, has been made simple thanks to proprietary embedded balance software.

Please, do not be overwhelmed by the choice of analytical balances that Mettler-Toledo offers in the XA XP and XS ranges. Simply go to their website and use their trademarked Easyfinder system to locate the analytical balance that is most suited to your laboratory needs. But do prepare to be amazed at the attention to detail in every balance, because after all, to Mettler Toledo, little things obviously mean a lot.

To use the Easyfinder function just click on the 'supplier website' link from this page.You can also view the Mettler-Toledo precision balance range on labface.

Date added: 2012-06-30 17:56:56