Particle Size Measurement Is So Simple With The Analysette 22

Particle size analysis has reached a new level of simplicity with the Analysette 22 Micro Tec and Analysette Nano Tec laser particle sizers. These two sophisticated instruments cover particle sizes of 0.01 – 2000 µm (Nano Tec) and 0.08 – 2000 µm (Micro Tec) depending on your requirements. The Micro Tec is perfect for general particle measurement whereas the Nano Tec takes you to the ‘nano’ scale for highest sensitivity, thanks to backward scattering in a third laser beam.

Each instrument has a clever modular design for maximum flexibility. The compact measuring base unit can be connected to dry or wet dispersion units – or both if required! The choice is yours.

And if you require autosampling for measurement series then you can add the FRITSCH AutoSampler simply by a simple addition to the top of the wet dispersion unit. No cables, tubes or other connections required. Up to 26 samples can then be measured simultaneously (in 40ml containers) with automatic sample feeding, dispersion and cleaning.

With no need for extended tutorials, every level of experience can benefit from the automatic operation – simply start the programme and select your standard operating procedure (SOP). SOPs are predefined in the bundled MaS control software, but are easily emendable in line with your specifications. Dispersion duration and process, time intervals and measurement frequency are just some of parameters that can be adjusted to provide you with a new level of autonomy. Then add the sample and just wait for your results.

The integrated standard reports and freely editable reports generator allows these results to be organised as you need them with integrated graphs, statistics and measurement parameters as required. And, as you would expect, all easily integrated into your local computer network.

Both the Micro Tec and Nano Tec from FRITSCH provide short analysis times, fast and effective automated cleaning and the peace of mind that come from buying from a company known for its reliability. Big thinking for small particles.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:26:13