Anachem LiteTouch Microcentrifuge Tubes Offer Quick And Easy opening

The Anachem RAININ LiteTouch microcentrifuge tube offers users an entirely new level of comfort and convenience. The RAININ LiteTouch features an innovative closure with a rear hinge and tab which keeps the tube securely closed to prevent contamination but is easier to open than conventional tubes.

Unlike most microcentrifuge tubes, RAININ LiteTouch centrifuge tubes are opened by applying force to the rear of the tube rather than to the front. Once the tab is placed over the tube's hinge, it takes only a small amount of pressure to unseal the tube and lift the cap, making it far easier to work with - and increasing laboratory throughput by reducing fatigue.

Anachem's advanced design allows these microcentrifuge tubes to be easily opened with one hand, further reducing the risk of cross contamination between the sample, gloves, pipettes and other laboratory equipment.

Made from high clarity, chemical resistant and durable homopolymer, Anachem LiteTouch tubes are designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use in the laboratory. Both tube and cap feature a frosted surface for easy writing and labeling and are available in yellow, blue, green, red and natural (natural tubes are also available pre-sterilized). All Anachem LiteTouch microcentrifuge tubes are autoclavable and are graduated with marks every .5 milliliters.

The tubes are produced in Class 100,000 clean room conditions and are free of any detectable level of ATP, DNase, RNase, nucleases, pyrogens, PCR inhibitors and other biological contamination.

Date added: 2012-10-24 08:45:55