Amino Acid Analyzer Physiological Systems From Biochrom

Biochrom30 amino acid analyzer instruments have earned a well-deserved reputation for being quick, compact, sensitive and fully automatable instruments which provide accurate, reliable quantitative analysis of amino acid mixtures.  

Integrated software operates the instrument with minimal user intervention needed. The software performs continuous monitoring, alerting the user to fault conditions immediately.

The Biochrom30 is designed for the analysis of physiological fluids; samples which contain the majority of the 4-50 compounds which are typically present in urine, blood and animal tissues in clinical research and metabolic screening applications. The default buffer system used by the Biochrom30 is 5 lithium citrate buffers. While this buffer system also allows for the analysis of plant extracts, beverages, fermented products, nutraceuticals, culture media and infusion fluids, the Biochrom30 is designed as an amino acid analyzer for physiological liquids.

The Biochrom30 AAA is ideally suited for: clinical research, hospitals, pediatric labs, contract analysis laboratories and pharmaceutical research and development applications.

Primary Uses:

Plasma, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid analysis

Metabolic disorder screening

Amino acid analysis is a valuable tool for both diagnosis and treatment. Many disorders, especially those due to inborn errors of metabolism (IEM) can be diagnosed through analysis of the amino acids in plasma, urine and cerebrospinal fluid. Screening infants for these disorders allows treatment to be administered expediently. The Biochrom30 is designed for quick and accurate screening of large sample volumes for specific amino acids and can be operated around the clock.

Clinical users of the Biochrom30 amino acid analyzer include pediatric hospitals, regional medical centres, clinical research facilities and large national reference laboratories.

Biochrom31 Protein Hydrolysate Analyzer:

The Biochrom31 is a fully automatable protein hydrolysate system for amino acid analysis which offers reliable, fast, accurate and fully standards compliant quality and authenticity analysis of infusion fluids and generic pharmaceuticals. The instrument features durable acid and base and salt resistant columns for optimal performance and a long life analyzing infusion liquids and synthetic or recombinant peptides.

The Biochrom31 can handle complex samples with minimal sample preparation, making it an excellent quality control instrument for the beverage industry.

A sodium citrate-based buffer system is used by the Biochrom31 amino acid analyzer. The system is designed for the analysis of protein hydrolysates; samples which contain most or all of the 20 amino acids which are typically found in proteins. A buffer system with three or four sodium citrate buffers suffices for these types of samples.

The Biochrom 31 protein hydrolysate system should not be used if the following separations are required; the system either cannot achieve them or only with great difficulty:

The two amides Asparigines and Glutamine (Gln) cannot be resolved from the amino acids Serine (Ser) and

Threonine (Thr).

Methylated Histidines  


Beta-aminoiosbutryic acid

If these separations are required, the Biochrom30 amino acid analyzer is recommended; it uses a lithium citrate based buffer system and is designed to achieve the above separations.

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