Advantages Of LIMS Now Apparent On Windows 7

Autoscribe's new Matrix Gemini version 5.2.7 has just been released and as those Matrix Gemini users who have recently upgraded their operating systems to Windows 7 will no doubt be glad to hear, the newest version is fully compatible with this platform. The advantages of LIMS is more apparent than ever and Version 5.2.7 has been tested to ensure its compatibility with the latest version of the Windows operating system and has passed with flying colors.

Even though the previous version of Autoscribe Matrix Gemini had been tested on Windows 7 based systems before, this new upgrade has been retested to ensure full compatibility after the addition of new performance enhancements and features. The new version includes improvements which include higher speeds when working with large data sets and the implementation of the Crystal Reports 2008 runtime; a full list of the improvements and new features which have been added to Matrix Gemini 5.2.7 are available in the software's release notes.

As Autoscribe users have come to expect from the company's software, Matrix Gemini is designed to interoperate smoothly with current and future versions of the Windows operating system. This kind of future proofing enables users to invest in this powerful LIMS software secure in the knowledge that it's designed for long-term use, not planned obsolescence. 

Matrix Gemini LIMS comes with a user friendly set of configuration options and tools which make this software among the most configurable and flexible LIMS system on the market - another way which Autoscribe's software solutions are designed to be future-proof and grow and change along with the user's needs. These features mean a lower cost of ownership and a greatly extended lifetime for the software, since the system can easily be adapted to the changing demands of the operating environment.    

If you want to know more about the advantages of LIMS in your lab environment or process, just click on a main link for more information.

Date added: 2011-07-15 19:28:42