Adsorption Isotherms Analysed Intelligently, Intuitively and Interactively

Adsorption is the process by which an adsorbate gets adsorbed on an adsorbent. It is usually measured in adsorption isotherms – a graph between the amount of adsorbate on the adsorbent as a function, if a gas, of its pressure or, if a liquid, its concentration - at a constant temperature.

The adsorption isotherm is a fundamental measurement in surface science and hence effective data evaluation and manipulation of adsorption isotherms is a crucial part of any analytical surface study. MicroActive software from Micrometrics is an innovative approach to treating data sets acquired from Micrometrics’ TriStar, Gemini and ASAP gas adsorption instruments; an approach founded on interactivity, intuition and intelligence.

It provides the flexibility you need to easily exclude or include data, to view adsorption isotherms on a linear or logarithmic scale and to fit interactively, with movable calculation bars, the ranges of data points you have acquired experimentally. The need to generate reports is eradicated with the information now viewed graphically, permitting speedy and accurate determinations of material porosity and surface areas. Many gas adsorption models are included on the user-friendly interface; BET surface area, BJH adsorption and desorption t-plot, DFT pore size report, Langmuir surface area and the traditionally difficult-to-use Dubinin calculation.

Now using MicroActive you can eliminate the repeated manual trials previously required for optimal fit determination of the Non-Local Density Functional Theory (NLDFT) model to your experimental data for residual error and roughness correction. The adsorption isotherm is a fundamental aspect of the science of surfaces and now MicroActive is a fundamental part of your adsorption isotherm analysis.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:01:47