Adiabatic Calorimeter From HEL

The Phi-Tec II Adiabatic Calorimeter is available from the HEL group of companies; HEL is a worldwide distributor of instruments and solutions for process screening, development and optimization as well as reactive hazard assessment.

The Phi-Tec II is part of the company’s range of adiabatic calorimetry instruments. This calorimeter has the small footprint needed for applications in the average chemistry lab while offering the kind of performance typical of a large chemical reactor plant, all with sample sizes of 10 - 100 ml, thanks to the low phi-factor data this instrument provides.

The Phi-Tec II allows reactions to progress at the rates they would in a large scale plant to eliminate the need for complex modeling or extrapolation. This benchtop-sized adiabatic calorimeter can provide detailed directly scalable data on kinetics, thermodynamics and reaction hazards. It’s the ideal instrument for thermal screening/ramp tests and low-and-high-factor adiabatic testing.

The Phi-Tec II can be used to simulate and model “worst case” scenarios involving runaway reactions, making it an essential reactive hazard assessment tool.

Features include:

  • ~8 ml high pressure cells or ~100 ml low phi factor test cells
  • Durable, high precision solid copper adiabatic furnace
  • Pressure tracking capabilities up to 138 bar (for low-phi factor test cells)
  • Temperature tracking from 200°C to 500°C
  • Advanced software for adiabatic calorimeter control and data analysis (Windows PC compatible)
  • Sensitive exotherm detection and accurate onset temperature
  • Vent sizing for DIERS relief line sizing calculations (tempered, gassy and hybrid)
  • Kinetic data measurement
  • Determination of single or two-phase flow regime


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