ADP450 polarimeter takes temperature control to a new level

Academia and research and a wide variety of industries, including fragrance, chemical, pharmaceutical and food manufacturers use polarimeters to calculate purity and solution concentrations of optically active fluids e.g. volatile oils, peptide and sugar solutions.

Bellingham + Stanley, a Xylem brand, have produced a new polarimeter, the ADP450, which uses Xylem’s patented XPC technology, an on-board Peltier temperature control system, to accurately and dependably control sample temperature during measurement. The specs for ADP450 are therefore very impressive.

It is capable of measuring up to 3.0 OD at 589nm over a maximum tube length of 200mm and offers three decimal place precision to an accuracy of ±0.01 °Angular. The ADP450 also has a very simple ‘Methods’ system that allows for new “single-shot” or continual measurement of optical rotation, or related parameters, like specific rotation, concentration or inversion.

It also has a full colour 10cm (4 inch) high definition display, which means results are always clearly visible. Plus over 8000 measurements and records of the instrument’s configuration can easily be stored, viewed, and output to LIMS or secure PDF.   

Thanks to password protection for instrument calibration and configuration, accessible by keypad entry or a fully configurable RFID tag, with an audit trail, the instrument is ideally suited for environments requiring confirmation to FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11 or GLP.

Bellingham + Stanley’s also produce the ADP430 as part of their ADP400 Series, which has all the benefits of the ADP450 but without XPC technology, for situations where no temperature control is required or other automatic temperature control is in use.  

Date added: 2017-04-05 09:29:06