96 Well Plate Products From Porvair

Porvair, the leading supplier of specialized microplates for specific applications manufactures a range of 96 well plate products including a 96 deep well plate designed for sample storage and assays where light sensitivity may be an issue. With a 1 ml/well working volume, these black deep well plates prevent sample or assay degradation through light exposure over the short term or even over long term storage.

A round bottomed cylindrical well design not only protects samples and assays, but also provides optimal conditions for sample recovery and mixing.  These Porvair black deep 96 well plates are certified DNase and RNase free and will not interfere with the results of assays even using the most sensitive of biological samples.

There are also light absorbing black sealing films which can be added to the top or bottom of the Porvair black 96 well plate for additional protection from light. Made from heat and solvent resistant polypropylene, the Porvair Scientific black deep well plate’s ultra pure polymers minimize leachates for sample integrity over the long term.

Porvair also produces Krystal UV quartz bottomed microplates; these plates offer extremely low background and provide photometric performance to 220 nm. Manufactured with biocompatible adhesive, these Krystal UV quartz bottomed plates are designed for high throughput applications including the determination of proteins and nucleic acids at concentrations of 260/280 nm.

Made from ultra pure black polystyrene, they are resistant to alcohols, PBS, DMSO and other solvents and exhibit low auto fluorescence and are available in 96 well plate or 384 well plate designs, both compliant with ANSI/SBS standards.

Date added: 2015-05-24 12:11:03