True 3D Microscopy for SEM is an Eye Opener

If your experience of 3D electron microscopy involves printing stereo pairs that have been carefully taken by the microscope camera using your tilt stage, then micro-computed tomography (Micro-CT) for scanning microscopy is going to be real eye opener.

Computed tomography has a venerable history dating back to the work of J. Radon in the early C20th where he proved that a n dimensional object can be constructed from its (n-1) dimension projections. Cormack and Hounsfield later developed this concept, and were awarded the Nobel Prize for their work on the non-invasive 3D imaging of the human body.

Now, for scanning electron microscopy, computed tomography has truly come of age with Micro-CT for SEM - as delivered by Bruker Nano. The method harnesses the same technology we are all familiar with from hospital CAT scans, shrinks its application to the micro scale, and thereby multiplies the resolution enormously.

The result is not just an extension of the surface information and a proper appreciation of image content – it enables you to gain a unique understanding of the internal nature of your specimen as well, with detail down to a very respectable 400 nm. This microstructural insight is provided non-destructively and without the need for further specimen preparation.

It really does open up new avenues and the result is a virtual journey through your specimen that fully brings home the fact that everything truly ‘exists’ in three dimensions - with an inside and outside.  

Micro-CT for SEM from Bruker Nano can be installed on any SEM with a free port of a least 65mm diameter and the maximum sample length is 10mm with a volume up to 4mm in diameter.

The software is easy-to-use with results visualised as a slice-by-slice movie or as three orthogonal sections. The system can work with any existing PC of reasonable vintage that has two USB ports, or Bruker can supply a PC or laptop with software preinstalled.

So if you have been put off 3D SEM by the thought of the time-consuming process of producing stereo pairs, or you have been intrigued by the possibilities that true 3D microscopy can bring to your work, now is the time to look into Micro-CT from Bruker. It could open up entirely new horizons for you – in three dimensions of course.  

Date added: 2015-05-25 14:25:28