384 Well Plate Range From Porvair

The 384 well plate range produced by Porvair is the product of the company’s extensive experience in producing advanced solutions for the life sciences, molecular biology, R&D and biotechnology sectors.

Porvair Sciences specializes in the design and manufacture of microplates which are created with the demands of specific applications in mind and which address the needs of personnel working in the laboratory environment.

Among the company’s many product ranges is a range of 384 well plates which are available in clear, white or black polystyrene; the plates are optimized for ELISA assays, fluorescence, luminescence and scintillation and turbidity measurements, among other applications.

The 384 well plate range from Porvair offer a small liquid capacity of 30 ul per well, making them ideally suited to screening laboratories which deal with very high throughputs where sample and reagent conservation is an important concern. The 384 well assay plate range provides both low volume and a + 0.20 mm industry leading plate flatness, which provides higher plate tolerance. This reduces problems due to mishandling, especially when used in conjunction with automated laboratory systems.

Porvair also produces plates in the 384 well format which have higher capacities, such as 120 ul per well liquid volume capacities for laboratories with higher volume requirements which need a 384 well plate system. All of Porvair’s 384 well assay plates are designed to minimize crosstalk from well to well and feature rounded well bottoms to reduce wicking.

All of Porvair’s assay plates are carefully manufactured to meet standard SBS/ANSI dimensions for easy integration with automated systems in the laboratory.  Each plate produced by Porvair Sciences is available in a choice of high bind, tissue culture or standard formats.

Date added: 2015-05-25 10:48:08