The Xylem YSI 2900M Biochemistry Analyser at Pittcon 2014

Visitors to Pittcon 2014 in Chicago Illinois this March were lucky to be amongst the first to have a look at the new YSI 2900M Biochemistry Analyser from Xylem Analytics, a leader in the design and manufacture of online analytical instrumentation.

Recently launched, the YSI 2900M Biochemistry Analyser is the latest in a range of biochemical analysers from Xylem Analytics that address the needs of a wide range of companies manufacturing everything from vaccines to biofuel.

Whatever your requirement, for research and development, scale-up or production, YSI have the analyser to best measure, monitor and help control the key aspects of your process. Thanks to their proprietary immobilised enzyme technology the YSI series can produce results in less than one minute, which has made them indispensable for both offline, and now with the YSI 2900M, online analysis of critical analyte samples. 

The YSI 2900M has combined the proven 2900 analyser technology along with the YSI Sitini Online Sampler to automatically withdraw sample fluids and provide continuous feedback on the status of your process. This makes the YSI 2900M system ideal for bioreactor optimisation. Many different biotech and pharmaceutical applications now require the health and metabolism of cell cultures or fermentates to be closely monitored to ensure successful, and profitable, completion.

This might involve the measurement of nutrients (e.g. lactose and glucose) or the measurement of metabolic by-products (e.g. lactate and ammonium). The point is that the measurements have to be fast, accurate and reliable and, as delegates at Pittcon will have seen, this is what the YSI 2900M provides.

The sampling is also completely aseptic as lines are flushed with antiseptic and antiseptic is kept in the tubes after each draw. Plus the YSI 2900M System can easily connect to process management instruments via OPC, RS232 or Ethernet.

If you weren’t lucky enough to get to Pittcon 2014 and want to learn more about the YSI 2900M Biochemistry Analyser simply visit

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:25:59