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Autoclave Manufacturer Celebrates - Three cheers for Priorclave

Buy Autoclave Expertise From Priorclave

A Small Autoclave for Every Occasion from Priorclave

Autoclaving products stand up to potential contamination

Autoclave Manufacturer Priorclave Offers Double Ended Models

Having it Large with Priorclave Autoclaves

Laboratory Autoclave Range From Priorclave

The Priorclave H60 Compact Autoclave Ticks all the Boxes

Autoclaves For Containment Laboratory Suite

Autoclaves Range From Priorclave

Start It Up With A C40 Autoclave From Priorclave

Large Autoclave Range From Priorclave

The Q63 Lab Autoclave Punches above its Weight

Autoclave Hoist for Safe and Efficient Loading

Benchtop Autoclave Options From Priorclave

Priorclave New 500 Litre Model Looks Set To Clean Up

Autoclave Manufacturer Priorclave Renews Partnership With BioCote

Balances and Weighing

Precision Balance Range Is A Real Winner

Scientific Balance Offers 29 Models

Analytical Balances In High Resolution From Sartorius

Lab Balance Cubis From Sartorius

Symmetry Balances From Cole-Parmer

Laboratory Scales - The Signum Supreme From Sartorius

Analytical Balance From Mettler Toledo – Little Things Mean A Lot

Laboratory Weighing Under Controlled Environment


Calorimetry Lab solutions from the HEL Group

Differential Scanning Calorimetry With unmatched Sensitivity


Centrifuge Manufacturer Eppendorf Offers Leading Designs

Low Centrifuge Price Doesn't Mean Low Performance

Microcentrifuge - The 5424 From Eppendorf

Refrigerated Centrifuge From Eppendorf

Chemical Storage

Chemical Cabinet Retains Toxic Vapours

Chloride Meters

Chloride Testing Instruments

Conductivity Meters

Digital Conductivity Meter Is Simple And Precise

Portable Conductivity Meter

Density Meters

Density Meters From Mettler

Measuring Density Is Simple With Mettler

Dissolved Oxygen Meters

Dissolved Oxygen Meter From Cole-Parmer

Dissolved Oxygen Probes

Dissolved Oxygen Levels Detected Easily

Dry Baths

Dry Bath Range From Cleaver Scientific

Fire Cabinets

Fire Cabinet Filtration System for Laboratories


Flocculator Range From Stuart And Bibby Scientific

Freeze Dryers

Lab Freeze Dryers From Cole-Parmer

gas generators

Laboratory hydrogen generators are reliable and safe

Glass Coated Slides

Microarray Slides For Cutting Edge Research


Volumetric Glassware Products From Schott

Glass For Microbiology From DURAN

Lab Bottles From DURAN®

Capillary Tube Products Set the Standard

Lab Flask Range Offers Clear Advantages

Round Bottom Flasks Are Robust Laboratory Staples

Glass Desiccator Products From Schott

Laboratory Glassware Caps and Accessories


HPLC Column Heater

Hot Plates

Lab Hot Plate Range From Cole Parmer

Hot plate Stirrers

Laboratory Hotplates

HPLC Columns

HPLC Columns from labhut


Lab Incubator MIR Series From Panasonic

Incubator Decontamination in Super Quick Time

Laboratory Incubator CO2 range From Panasonic

Plant Growth Incubator Offers Easy Operation

Shaking Incubator

CO2 incubators range now available in the UK

Laboratory Incubators Offer Wide Temperature Range

Lab Fume Hoods

Laboratory Fume Hood with Tailored Filtration Technology

Fume Hood Filter System for Laboratory Hoods and Cabinets

Lab Shakers

Orbital Shaker From Panasonic With speeds up to 500 rpm

Dry Sieve Analysis Is Just The Start

Lab Shaker Range From Cole Parmer

Lab Stirrers

Laboratory Stirrer Range From Cole-Parmer

Laboratory Freezers

Lab Freezer

Laboratory Freezer

Ultra Low Freezer Is So Energy Efficient

Cryo Freezing With No Requirement For Liquid Nitrogen

Ultra Low ULT Laboratory Freezers From Operon

Scientific Freezer

Laboratory Mills

Sieving And Grinding In One Unit

Laboratory Grinding Mill Offers Rapid Results

FRITSCH Cutting Mills for Biofuel Piloting Plants

Jaw Crusher And Disk Mill Are The Perfect Marriage

The Pulverisette 13 Disk Mill From Fritsch

The PULVERISETTE 9 Vibrating Cup Mill, now with Turbo-charging

lab mill range from Fritsch

Laboratory Cutting Mills With Minimal Cleaning

Laboratory Grinder Suits Many Applications

New Control Unit keeps the LABORETTE 24 Vibratory Feeder firmly in Control

FRITSCH Planetary Premium Line Of Laboratory Mills

Gently does it with the PULVERISETTE 2 Universal Grinder

Vibrating Cup Mill Offers Extremely High Speed Of Grinding

The Pulverisette 14 - Even Cooler

Precision Laboratory Sieving from FRITSCH

Tomato Analysis Via The Big Freeze

The PULVERISETTE 2 with Choice of Grinding Sets for Challenging Mixing Tasks.

The ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer for Effective Particle Analysis of Even Smaller Particles

Laboratory Jaw Crusher - Fritsch Pulverisette 1 Compact

FRITSCH Planetary Mills classic line for Reliability and Performance

Laboratory Mill Range From Fritsch

Ultra fine grinding Mills from Fritsch

Disk Mill Machine For Efficient Fine Grinding


Sample Grinder Offers Precise Results

Powtech and FRITSCH Put on a Show

Rotor Mill From Fritsch - The P-14 For Reliable Milling

Nano Particles and Planetary Mills

FRITSCHE LABORETTE 27 Rotary Cone Sample Divider

Planetary Ball Mill Offers High Comminution Rate

Hydraulic Pressure Press for Multiple Analysis Methods

Laboratory Milling Taken To A New Dimension

FRITSCH Come Clean with a Choice of Five Cutting Mills

The PULVERISETTE 2 for universal grinding of a wide range of materials

Centrifugal Mill With Cyclone

FRITSCH premium line jaw crusher is simple and powerful

Rotor Mill Makes Short Work Of Cocoa

The FRITSCH PULVERISETTE 14 premium line Rotor Mill is built with you in mind

GTM-System with EASY GTM Bowls takes Planetary Milling to a New Level

The PULVERISETTE 19 from FRITSCH now comes in Stainless Steel

The PULVERISETTE 6 classic line from Fritsch for the Best in Fine Grinding

FRITSCH Mini-Mill PULVERISETTE 23: Ultra-compact and Ultra-effective

Cutter Grinder for Soft to Medium-Hard Samples

Coming Clean with Fritsch Cutting Mills

Sample Exhauster with Cyclone separator - available only with FRITSCH Cutting Mills

Fritsch Offer Even Greater Control of your Milling

Laboratory Ball Mills - The New Standard for Laboratories From Fritsch

PULVERISETTE 4 Vario-Planetary Mill for Greater Grinding Control

Laboratory Refrigerators

Panasonic Pharmacy Fridges

Vaccine Fridges

Panasonic Plasma Freezers

Blood Bank Refrigerator with Reliable Temperature Control

Panasonic Cryogenic Freezers

Laboratory Refrigerator Products From Labcold

Laboratory Washers

Scientific Glassware Washer Range From Lancer Sparkles

Laboratory Washers From Lancer

Laboratory Washing Machines For Those bigger tasks - From Lancer

Laminar Flow Cabinets

Laminar Flow Cabinets From K-Systems

Laminar Flow Hoods

Laminar Flow Hoods Range From K-Systems

Liquid Handling Products

Purify Protein Samples In Super Quick Time

Automatic Pipette System From Eppendorf

The One-stop Pipetting Shop from Anachem

Pipette Sets New Standard

Multichannel Pipette Range From Anachem

Biohit mLINE Now Available From Sartorius

Liquid Handling System From Anachem - The Liquidator 96

Electronic Pipette Is So Intuitive

Pipette Tips From Anachem

Setting Standards for Pipettes

Pipetting Is Precise Across All Channels

Protein Crystallisation Is Fully Automated With mosquito

Automated Pipettes From Eppendorf

Electronic Multichannel Pipettes From Anachem

Eppendorf Pipettes Designed For Professional Standards

Mercury Vacuum Cleaner

Mercury Spills Are Gone With The QuikVac

Microplate Washers

Microplate Washer Range From Biochrom

Microplate Washers From Molecular Devices


Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope

Cell Analyzer From Chemometec Offers Excellent Precision

Motion Control Systems For Micro and Nano-positioning

Laboratory Microscope Range From Olympus

Lab Microscope - Eclipse E200 From Nikon

Microscope Stages Offer Impressive Resolution

Research Microscope From Olympus - The BX3 delivers adaptable Configuration

Piezo Focusing Stages Give Fast And Precise Control

Slide Loader From Prior Offers Many Applications

Polarized Light Microscope - The Nikon 50ipol

EBSD Analysis System Offers Maximum Flexibility

Fluorescence Microscope For Mammalian Cell Counting

Life Science Imaging Gets That Little Bit Clearer

Clinical Microscope Systems From Olympus

High Power Microscope Range From Olympus

EDS Analysis Revolutionized With XFlash® Detectors

Multiphoton microscopy at the highest level

Live Cell Imaging System Requires Minimal Microscope Experience

Microscope Illumination System For Demanding Applications

Rotary Microtome From Nikon

SEM EDS - Combining Power and Intuitive Operation

Research Imaging Software Offers Clinical Results

Motorised Microscope Stage Offers Quality And Reliability

Metallurgical Microscope From Olympus

Microscope Illumination From Prior Shows A Whole New Light

A Motorised Specimen Stage for Every Use

Confocal microscope Offers Amazing Image Quality

Digital Histology Expertise With The Nikon Mi Macro Imaging Station

Digital Microscopy Camera - DP21 From Olympus

Stereomicroscope - SMZ 645 and 660 From Nikon

LED Microscope Illumination Shown In A New Light

Clinical Microscopy System Offers Adaptable Features

Microscope Laser Autofocus Unit Offers Great Sensitivity

Scanning Stages From Prior Scientific

Laboratory Microscopes From Nikon

True 3D Microscopy for SEM is an Eye Opener

Moisture Analysis

Moisture Analyzer From Sartorius

Moisture Meters From Sartorius Improve Product Quality


Laboratory Oven series from Panasonic

Benchtop Ovens And Larger Capacity Models From Cole-Parmer

pH Meters

Ebro from Xylem for Critical Parameter Measuring

ph Meters From Sartorius

The pH Handbook from SI Analytics is an Invaluable Aid

Digital pH Meter With An Integrated Electrode Test

YSI pH Expertise on display at Pittcon 2016

Digital pH Tester From Cole Parmer

Power Supplies

Medical Power Systems

Laboratory Power Supply

Power Supplies

Electrophoresis Power Supply Range From Cleaver Scientific


Hand Refractometer Instruments From Cole-Parmer

Portable Refractometer Range From Cole-Parmer

Refractometer Offers Complete Automation


Optimum Use of your Refractometer with Bellingham + Stanley


A New Approach for Calculating the Carbon-Type Composition of Insulating Oils of Petroleum Origin

Sieve Shakers

Laboratory Sieve Shakers Do It All

solvent recyclers

Solvent Recyclers From Labhut

Thermal Cyclers


Thermal Cyclers

PCR Thermal Cycler Offers Unsurpassed Speed

Gradient Thermal Cycler

Thermal Screening Units

Hazard Evaluation with Thermal Screening Unit From HEL

Thermogravimetric Analysis

Thermogravimetric Analyzer Makes Thermogravimetric Analysis Easy


Thermoregulator Products

Titration Products

Autotitrator With Plug And Play Functionality

Karl Fischer Titrators Offer Compact Solution

Automated sampling is just the start

Karl Fischer Titration - 860 Thermoprep From Metrohm

Trust Xylem to solve water


Viscosimeter Products From Malvern

How to Measure Viscosity with the RM 100

Measuring Viscosity couldn't be easier with Malvern

Water Baths

Scientific Water Bath Range From Cole-Parmer

Water Bath Shaker Range From Cole-Parmer

Water Purification Systems

Laboratory Pure Water With The Merck Millipore Elix Range

Laboratory Water Information Management Software

Laboratory Water Purification Systems Offer 150 Litres Per Day

Clinical Analyzers and Bacterial Contamination Issues

Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry Grade Water From Merck Millipore

Lab water Products From Sartorius

Water Purification Device Called Prima From Elga

Leading Medical Centre Chooses Merck Millipore

Water Purification Validation Support From Merck Millipore

Environmentally sustainable Laboratory water purification

Lab Pure Water directly from tap water feed

The Paris Institute of Earth Physics Uses Merck Millipore Water Purification Systems

Pure Laboratory Water For Ion Chromatography System

Laboratory Water System For The Clinical Lab

Merck Millipore Learning Center Resources At Your Fingertips