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Bilirubinometer expertise With the YSI Unistat

Xylem Instrumentation Assists Biogas Production

Biochemistry Analysers

A Modular Approach To Biochemical Analysis

YSI Offers Online Monitoring Of Cell Culture Bioreactors

The use of YSI biochemistry Analysers in the Food and Beverage industries

YSI 2900 Measures Glutamine in Cancer Research

Make a Better Choice with the YSI Biochemistry Analyser Selection Guide

The YSI 2900 Biochemistry Analyser - Beet it!

Pet Food Analysis with Unique Enzyme Technology

YSI exhibit the 2900 series of Biochemistry Analysers at Lab Innovations 2015 at the NEC Birmingham

YSI Biochemical Analysers Assist in Anti-tumour Research

Top Of The Milk For YSI Dairy Applications

Processing Of Tomatoes Is Not a Rotten Science

Choline Analysis Using The YSI Analyser

Bioprocessing Benefits from YSI Biochemistry Analysers

Great Savings for Potato Growers with the YSI 2900 Analyser

The YSI 2900 Series – Brewed to Perfection!

Two, Four, Six, Eight – Everybody Innovate!

Sports Fitness Testing Using The YSI 2300 Analyser

Automated Biochemical Analysis, YSI Sweeten The Deal

YSI’s 2900 Series Excels in both Research and Production

YSI 2950 at the Cutting Edge in Pancreatic Cancer Research

As Sweet As... the YSI Biochemistry Analyser

The Importance of Choline Analysis – joking aside!

Glutamine And Glutamate Analysis

The YSI 2900 and YSI 2300 Analysers Demonstrate Fully Comparable Human Whole Blood and Plasma Analys

YSI Biochemistry Analyser for Glucose and Xylose Analysis During Fermentation

YSI Analysers Join The Fight Against Cancer

YSI Measurement Technology: Fast Results For Fast Food

The Sky’s The Limit For YSI's Biochemical Analysers

Bioreactor Optimisation with the YSI 2900M Online Monitoring and Control System

YSI 2900 Series Analysers are Fully Compliant with the FDA’s 21 CFR part 11 Regulation

YSI 2900 Aids Research Into E.coli Overflow Metabolism

The Xylem YSI 2900M Biochemistry Analyser at Pittcon 2014

In search of Perfect Silage with YSI

Biochemistry Analyser Offers Speed And Accuracy

Testing Tomato-Product Quality in Considerably less than 30 Minutes

YSI For When You Really need to be Sugar-free

Measuring L-lactate in Cooked Meats – Warning May Contain Spam!

Blood Refrigeration

Blood Bank Refrigerator Range From Labcold

Cell Counter

Automated Cell Counter Combines Accuracy and Portability

Cell Cultivation

Single Use Bioreactor Suitable For All Cell Types

MAPTrix extracellular matrix From AMS Bio

Cell Migration Assay Kits

Cell Migration Assay Kits for Cell Migration and Invasion

Cellular Research

Freezing Cells At A Controlled Cooling Rate Without Alcohol

Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells For Multiple Research Uses

Extracellular Matrix Proteins, Basement Membranes And The Glycocalyx

Chemistry Analysers

Chemistry Analyzer Saves Valuable Time - Horiba ABX Pentra 400

Clinical Chemistry Analysis Made Easy

Colony Counters

Colony Counters from YSI

Electrophoresis Equipment

Electrophoresis Products From Cleaver Scientific


Laboratory Evaporators Lead The Way In Design And Efficiency

Solvent Evaporator Provides Easy Concentration Of Samples


Solvent Removal Is Effortless With The MiniVap Evaporators


Laboratory Solvent Dryer From Porvair

Feeder Cells

Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts for Stem Cell Culture

Flame Photometers

Flame Photometer


Fluorimeter Instruments

Gamma Counters

Nuclear Medicine Gamma Counter Offers Great Flexibility

Gel Dryers

Gel Drying Is Easy with the Gel Dryer range From Cleaver

Gene delivery

Lentiviral Particles With No Reagent Requirement

Glucose And Lactate Analyzers

Glucose And Lactate Analyser Range From YSI

Tomato Processing with the YSI 2900 – There’s a Science to Flavour


Haematology Analyser Offers High Performance - HORIBA Pentra ES 60

Haematology Analysis With The HORIBA ABX Micros ES60

High Content Imaging

High Content Imaging in Action from TTP labtech

High Content Screening

Cellular Imaging in Turbocharged Mode

High Throughput Screening

Fluorescence assays

Patch Clamping


Lab Homogeniser Range From Sartorius

Laboratory Sterilizers

Lab Sterilizer Plays It Cool

Liquid Scintillation Counters

Liquid Scintillation Analyzer Offers High Throughput

Liquid Scintillation Counter and Luminometer From Lablogic

Luminescence and Liquid Scintillation Counting In One Instrument

magnetic silica beads

Magnetic Silica Beads For Surface Chemistry


Blood Culture Bottle And Tubes From Oxoid

Blood Culture System From Oxoid

Culture Agar From Oxoid

Diagnostic Reagents from oxoid

Microbiology Media From Oxoid

Microplate readers

Platelet Aggregation - The Molecular Devices Elisa Plate Reader

Luciferase assay And More With The SpectraMax Paradigm

Microplate Reader With Built In Pipettor

Drug discovery Applications Optimised With Detection Cartridges

microplate shaker

Microplate Shaker From Porvair Sciences


PCR Microplates From Porvair

96 Well Plate Products From Porvair

Porvair Scientific Shallow 96 Well Microplates

384 Well Plate Range From Porvair

Microplate Sealer From Porvair Is So Simple To use

Microplates Range From Porvair

Low And High Binding Filtration Plates From Porvair

PCR workstations

PCR Workstation For High Contamination Risks

Plasma Freezers

Plasma Freezer Range From Labcold

Sample Management

Compound Storage Solutions From RTS

Sample storage

Cryo Tanks from Panasonic Come With Full Jacket

Cryo Storage Solutions from Panasonic

Compound Management And Retrieval From TTP labtech

Stem Cell Research

Cryopreservation of Cells with CELLBANKER

Transporter Assay Kits

Transport Assay Kit From Molecular Devices

Vial Holders And Racks

Vial Holder Range from Labhut