Pipette rack system makes automation even easier

Upgrades to the Eppendort epMotion automated pipetting system have made liquid handling a much easier process.

The updated epTIPS Motion system features new colour-coded trays for instant identification of tip volume and introduces eco-friendly Reload trays with 40 per cent less packaging.

This means labs can benefit from a streamlined automated pipetting process that aids repetitive liquid handling, reduces human error and enables sample tracking throughout the entire chain. Simpler and safer, epTIPS motion is the ideal choice.

Single-use boxes with colour-coded trays allow quick visual identification of the three tip sizes (50µl, 300µl and 1,000µl), so the correct volume for pipetting can be selected. These are then automatically recognised by the epMotion workstation, with all sizes available in multiple purity grades, with or without a filter, giving complete customisation and flexibility.

Furthermore, the new Reload trays are environmentally-friendly as they are delivered in a PET blister packaging with a sealed cap. An optional TipHolder Adapter replaces the usual tip bo component, giving waste reductions of up to 40 per cent.

Dr Oliver Franz, Executive Director Portfolio Management Automation, PCR, explains: "The revolutionary Eppendorf epMotion transforms applications such as PCR set-up, nucleic acid purification and a wide range of routine pipetting tasks in research and pharmaceutical laboratories.”

Edited by: Terry Newman
Last Updated: 14th April 2011