Microbiology Quality Control With High Safety Standards

Quality assurance in the lab is further boosted with the Sartorius Stedim Biotech portfolio, with the Microsart family now extended.

Specifically designed for microbiological quality control in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, Microsart @vance enables efficient, advanced work flows and meets the highest safety standards.

This new range meets and exceeds the demanding requirements of the sectors, making it the perfect choice for any lab. Single-use filter units Microsart @filter 100 and 250 have also been specifically developed for the detection and enumeration of microorganisms in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Reliable and efficient

With the Microsart system for microbiology quality control it only takes a few steps to go from sampling to incubation, with reliable results assured.

Because the filter units are sterile-packaged they can be used out of the box and are ready to be connected straightaway. The optimised design means that the entire sample is filtered without any liquid being retained on the funnel walls. Therefore, no rinsing is required after filtration, unless the regulations specify it.

The filter and funnel form an all-in-one sterile unit, minimising the risk of secondary contamination, and the cellulose nitrate membrane combines effective retention of microorganisms with high flow rates and optimum colony growth. A printed grid makes colony counting easier.

Easy and flexible

Microbiological analysis with the Microsart @filter is incredibly easy. After samples are taken, the sterile filter unit is attached straight out of the box. These are transparent and have graduated marks, so users can quickly check the volume and progress of filtration. Once finished, the Click-Fit closure allows easy and quick removal.

The membrane can also be removed with the notches in the filter base that have been carefully placed for forceps. After filtration, the membrane filter is placed on a petri dish with an agar culture medium specifically formulated for the microorganisms to detect. Colony-forming units can later be counted.

Microsart @filter products are ideal for sample volumes up to 100ml and 250ml, with membranes available in a choice of pore sizes and filter colours. They come packaged in trays with lids for use in clean benches or stacked for secure removal using a Microsart Funnel Dispenser.

This makes them ideal for any lab situation and, in combination with other Microsart and Combisart series.

Edited by: Terry Newman
Last Updated: 4th April 2011