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Date Added News Title Supplier Profile
14th September 2011 Biochemistry Analyzer Gives Cutting Edge Performance YSI Life Sciences (UK)
31st July 2011 Trilink And Lucigen Set Up Licensing Agreement TriLink BioTechnologies, Inc.
25th June 2011 Algae Analysis Part Of Water Quality Assurance Meritics Ltd
25th June 2011 Bench Autoclave Now In Larger Size Priorclave Ltd
25th May 2011 Laser Particle Sizer Offers Excellent Measurement Range Fritsch GmbH
15th May 2011 Powder Testing In Super Quick Time Meritics Ltd
15th May 2011 Particle Imaging In High Resolution Meritics Ltd
15th May 2011 Measuring Viscosity Is A Breeze With The Micro VISC Meritics Ltd
11th May 2011 Lab Water Range Comes With Enhanced Service Plan Merck Millipore
11th May 2011 What is LIMS and why do I need one? Autoscribe Informatics
19th April 2011 PCR Tubes Enhance Results Anachem - A METTLER TOLEDO Company
19th April 2011 Biofuel Research Is An Ongoing Development For YSI YSI Life Sciences (UK)
14th April 2011 Pipette rack system makes automation even easier Eppendorf UK Limited
4th April 2011 Microbiology Quality Control With High Safety Standards Sartorius Group
4th April 2011 Lab water purification for biomedical applications Merck Millipore

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